Eutaxia Admin is a financial system developed primarily for non-profit associations. The system is web-based and available over the internet from Eutaxia ABs servers. The only software you need is a reasonably modern web browser. We primarily recommend Firefox and Chrome, but other modern browsers such as Safari and Edge should work.

User accounts

Before you can use Eutaxia Admin you must create an account. Accounts are personal, so you should create an account for yourself, not yours organization.

We have chosen not to handle passwords, but instead let you connect your account to an account with another vendor for authentication. We currently support Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter and Windows Live. In addition, you can use any OpenID provider. You need to have an account with one of these before you can create your account in Eutaxia Admin.


When you go to https://admin.eutaxia.eu/ you end up at the login page. If you do not already have an account, you will get ability to create one when you try to log in.

Screenshot of the login page

Click on the provider you want to use to log in. You will then proceed to the provider where you log in as usual and then confirm that you want to use the provider to log in at admin.eutaxia.eu. This confirmation happens only once. When you later try to log in again, you will not having to confirm that you want to log in to admin.eutaxia.eu. Is you are already logged in to the provider, you probably will not even notice that you are being redirected to the provider.

Create Account

After you have logged in and confirmed with the supplier, you will come back to admin.eutaxia.se. You can now fill in some personal details to create your personal Eutaxia account.

Screenshot of account creation

Name and email address are normally pre-filled based on what we have found out on by the supplier. If this is not the case then maybe you just want to change it.


Once logged in, you will remain logged in until you log out, even if you close your browser. It is comfortable and handy if you work on a private computer where no one else is using your browser settings. Useing Eutaxia Admin from a computer or an account shared with others, you should make sure you log out after each use.

The logout link is found at the top right of all views.


To perform accounting and other tasks in Eutaxia Admin you need an organization. It is a collection of one or more accounting years, with all the data for each year stored.

You can give others access to an organization, and you can have access to several different organizations simultaneously. You see those organizations which you have access to in the list on the left in the browser.

Create organization

You can always create new organizations. A newly created organization starts as a training organization. They are free to use, though deleted after 6 months if they are not upgraded.

Screenshot of organization creation

Click "Create New Organization" in the list on the left in the browser. You will then see a tab in the right part where you have to fill in organization name, organization number, email address, address and phone number. The first three are mandatory. Non-profit associations receive an organization number by registering with the Swedish Tax Agency. If the organization you create is a pure training organization, which should not used for real work, you can use a fake organization number. It has to be 10 digits. The last digit is a checksum, which may have to be tweaked to be accepted by the system.

When you have filled in the information, press "Create". You now come to the administration view of the organization.

Screenshot of the administration view of an organization

Here you can change the organization's name, address etc. You can see who have access to the organization and invite more users. Here you upgrade the organization to a default organization and add more services.

Invite more users

To invite more users so they can access the organization fill in an email address under "Invite member" and press "Invite The person you are inviting will receive an email with a link to be used to gain access to the organization.

Under "Members" you see which users have access to the organization.

Upgrade to Standard Organization

A newly created organization is always a training organization. It is free to use, but automatically deleted after 6 months. If you want keep your accounting for longer, you need to upgrade the organization to a Standard Organization. This is also a prerequisite for you to be able to use more services.

To upgrade to a Standard Organization, click "Upgrade" under the heading "Organization level".

Add payment intermediaries

In the administration view, you also add payment intermediaries for the online store. For further details, see Payment intermediaries

Financial year

The financial year, fiscal year or accounting year is the time period over which the organization's accounts are summarized. Every fiscal year added into the Eutaxia Admin can be seen under the organization in the list on the left. The most recent and penultimate financial years are open to change. Previous years are closed and there you can just take out reports and look at verifications.

Screenshot of create new fiscal year

Create fiscal years

To create a new fiscal year, select "Create New financial year "under the organization where you want a new one financial year. You will then have three different choices under the tab "administration" for how the new year should be created.

Create from chart of accounts

If you choose to create a new financial year from one of the standard chart of accounts, you get one year with a zeroed opening balance. You can then fill in the opening balance in the chart of accounts view or download from the previous year. Note that if you choose to retrieve the opening balance from the previous year, the chart of accounts must agree in order for the rsult to be correct. The available chart of accounts are standardized according to the Swedish BAS chart of accounts.

When you create the first fiscal year in an organization from one chart of accounts, it will include today's date and one year ahead. Since this is unlikely to be consistent with the organization's fiscal year, you will need to change it under the administration view. Next time you start a new fiscal year, it will begin the day after the previous fiscal year ended.

Import SIE file

The SIE format is a Swedish standard format for the import and export of accounting and closing of year information. You can export the accounting from another system and then import it into Eutaxia Admin.

When you export from another system, you may have to choose between different variants of the SIE format. The variant you should choose is SIE4 or possibly SIE4E.

You can then import the file for the financial year into Eutaxia Admin. You should include virtually all information from the old system. The SIE standard does not handle naming verification series, but in otherwise, all information that is normally found in an accounting system follow. Eutaxia Admin manages to store all supported information SIE format, but currently cannot display objects or text such as applies to entire vouchers.

Normally it is easy to import a SIE file, but it exists always risk that different suppliers have interpreted the standard a bit various. If you have problems, you are welcome to contact our customer support for to get help with imports.

Copy previous year

If you choose to copy the previous year, you will receive a new financial year the same chart of accounts and the same series of vouchers as the previous year. The current closing balance from the previous year will be the opening balance for the new year. If you make transactions in the previous year after that you have created the new one, you can re-import the opening balance in chart of accounts view in the new year.

The administration view

When you have created a new financial year, or later choose the administration tab when you have a fiscal year selected in the list to left, you will come to the administration view for the financial year. Here you change basic information about the financial year, as well as the chart of accounts and the voucher series.

Screenshot of the administration view for fiscal year

Basic information

To save changes to the basic data, you must press on "Save". If you would like to undo the changes, you can press "Reset". Changes to series and accounts are automatically saved.

Tax year

The information about which tax year the fiscal year belongs to is not used yet. We intend to provide support for tax returns in the future and then this information will be used. It is also included in exports in the SIE format, and can be used in an importing system.

Start date and end date

The dates indicate the start and end of the financial year. They appear on reports and govern assignment of fiscal year to automated accounting.


You have the opportunity to divide your accounting into multiple verification series. Here you can create new series and give them names and description. It is common to name the series "A", "B", "C", etc. and then has a description showing what the series is used for. The verfications then receive a series letter and a serial number, e.g. A22 or C19.

It may be appropriate to have a series for each bank or giro account that the organization has, plus a series of cash transactions. This makes it easier to keep order and makes it easy to divide the work between several people. Each person can keep track of their own accounting series.

Under "Series" you can create series. You can also delete series that do not have any verfications registered.

Chart of Accounts

In the chart of accounts, you can see which accounts you have, change account names and change opening balance. You can also create new accounts.

It is also possible to delete accounts that have no transactions and which has zero in the opening balance.

The "Retrieve input data from the previous financial year" button overwrites opening balance on all Revenue and Expense accounts with current closing balance from the previous financial year. No one happens automatically update of opening balance if you adjust the previous financial year.


When you click on the button marked "Export", the entire financial year will be exported in SIE4 format. The file will be saved locally on your computer according to the rules that your browser applies.

You use the export function if you want to create your own local backup of your accounting, or if you want to stop using Eutaxia Admin and go over to another accounting program. It is also common for accounting firms and auditors to have access to the accounting in a digital form. The SIE format is the standard that everone uses.


The "Delete" function deletes the financial year. You get a control question if you really want to delete it. If you answer yes, the financial year is removed from our servers.


Under the tab "Accounting" you perform the part of the accounting that must done by hand. The user interface is traditional, with that number small features to make the work faster and smoother. In order to access the accounting view, you must have selected a fiscal year in the list to left.

It is possible to use a mouse to navigate between the fields, but we recommends that you learn to navigate with the keyboard only. We has put extra effort into making it possible to do everything in this view without to lift your hands from the keyboard.

Screenshot of the accounting view

Navigation keys

For field navigation, you can choose to use the TAB or Enter key. To go backwards, use Shift-TAB and Shift-Enter. For navigation within a field, use the arrow right and left. To select from a drop-down menu, use up-arrow and down-arrow, followed by TAB/Enter.


Once you have entered a verification, it must be saved. You either click the "Save" button, at the bottom right of the window, or by using the "+" key on the numeric keyboard.


Here you select which series the entered voucher should be belong. If you need to define a new series, do so below the "Administration" tab.


Here you see which number the verification will most likely get. If another person enters a verification in the same series, it is possible that your verification will have a higher number in the series. In that case, you get notification when saving the verification.

You can use the navigation buttons to view and change older verifications. If you change an older verification, information about the change is registered in a special change log. This makes it possible to track all changes in accordance with the requirements of the Accounting Act.

If you are on an old verification and want to enter a new one, use the "Go to last" icon. You will see the next verification number in the series and can styart entering a new verification.


In the date field, enter the transaction date. (Information on when the transaction was entered in the system and who did it is recorded automatically.) You can either use ISO format numeric dates or use the calendar widget. You can access it either by clicking on the calendar icon or by using the down arrow when the focus is in the date field.

If you use the date picker, you need to press Enter once to close the selector and once more to get to the next field.


Under Account, enter the number of the account to be affected. You get a list of account numbers that match what you have entered so far, and can then select an account from the list if you wish.

You can also enter text. It provides a list of account names that match the text you entered. It makes it easier to find an account which you have not memorized.


Here you enter the text you want to belong to the transaction line in the verification. You initially get the same text as on the previous line as suggestions. If you enter a few letters, you will receive suggestions such as matches these from previous vouchers from this year and previous financial year. It saves a lot of work if you have many recurring texts.

Debit credit

Under Debit and Credit, enter the amount of the transaction. You can use either comma or dot as the decimal separator. Eutaxia Admin normalizes both to the separator used by your computer environment.

When you leave the Text column, you are placed in the Debit or Credit field depending on the account type in the Chart of Accounts. For income accounts, you are placed in the Credit column. For other accounts, you will be placed in the Debit column.

In some situations, you will receive a proposal for the amount to be filled in. The proposal is calculated so that the debit and credit columns for the verification must balance.

The Debit and Credit columns are summed at the bottom of the verification. If there is a difference between them, it is also displayed.


The balance column shows the current balance for the account after the transaction on the line has been completed. The balance column is only active while entering a verification.


Under the tab "Reports" you can extract reports from the accounting.

Select the report you want to print, then press one of the buttons "Generate report", "Print report" or "Save report" depending to view the report on the screen, print it, or save it on your computer.

The report is generated and saved in HTML format, so you can view a saved report with a web browser. If you want to save a report in PDF format, you can select "Print Report" and then choose to print to file. MS Excel and other spreadsheet applications can usually import the HTML format.

The payment system

The payment management system is designed to save as much work as possible.

The basic idea is that your member/customer registers what he wants to buy - membership, equipment fees, sweaters, courses, etc. in your web shop.

You set up which products should be in the web shop and you can request or require that the purchaser enters information that you need. E.g. you may need a social security number for all members, or you want sweater purchasers to provide the size and colour they want.

When the order is ready, we send the customer a confirmation with payment instructions. They instructions depend on which intermediaries you have set up.

When the payment arrives, Eutaxia Admin picks receives information from the intermediary and automatically creates accounting entries according to the instructions you have set up in the system.

The accounting entries will only be recorded in the fiscal year after ayou have reviewed and approved them. This is done undet the "Payments" tab. You have the option of modifying the accounting information, should you need to.

You can generate sales lists of all the products in the system, and you can view all outstanding, unpaid orders.

Payment intermediaries

Perhaps the greatest value with Eutaxia Admin is the ability to connect payment intermediaries to your organization, with automatic collection of payment information. It saves a lot of time and effort if there are many payments. We currently support PlusGirots OCR payments and Stripe.

You add payment intermediaries in the administration view for the organization. Select the organization from the list on the left and go to administration tab. To the right is the box "Payment intermediary", to add a broker, select it in the menu.

Screenshot of add payment intermediary

At the top of the same box you will see which payment intermediaries you have added, and have the ability to edit them.


You can connect a PlusGiro account with OCR entry to the online store. You can read more about how it works at Nordea.

Before you can join, the organization must be a customer of Nordea and have a Plusgiro account to be linked to the service. In Eutaxia Admin the organization must be registered as a Standard Organization.

Screenshot of order PlusGiro coupling

To order a connection, fill in the information requested in form and press order. Telephone and e-mail address must be to the contact person who handles the order. Plusgiro is yours current plus giro account that the payments with OCR connection should end up on.

Accounting account is the asset account that must correspond to the Plusgiro account. Accounting series is the verification series to be used when payments via the OCR account are automatically recorded. These can be changed after that the order has been placed.

Ordering process

Once you have placed your order in Eutaxia Admin, it will be sent automatically on to Nordea in Gothenburg. They set up an OCR account which is linked to your Plusgiro account. Nordea signs an agreement where you give Eutaxia AB a power of attorney to retrieve payment information from the OCR account. That agreement is first sent to the Eutaxia AB. We sign it and pass it on to you.

Your signatory signs the agreement and sends it back to Nordea. Once Nordea has received the agreement back, your OCR account will be activated and you can start using the automatic payment management.

The account number for the OCR account can be seen under the heading "Organization level" when we have activated retrieval of payment information. It will also be included in order confirmations in the webshop.

Payment information

If you add PlusGirot as a payment intermediary the order confirmations will contain your PlusGiro number, amount and an OCR number (plus information on exactly what the customer has ordered).

The customer then uses his internet bank and makes the payment using the three items of information - plus giro number, amount and OCR number. No more is needed.

What happens if the customer does not have internet banking?

There are still a few people who are using traditional banking. You need to provide them with the non-OCR PlusGiro number of your organization. When you receive their payment, you register it manually.

What happens if the customer makes an incorrect payment

It is almost impossible to enter an incorrect OCR number. It has two checksum digits, and if you happen to type a digit incorrectly the internet bank refuses to register the payment. However, it does happen that creative customers invent an OCR number that fulfils the criteria. This number will not match any OCR number that the system has issued. In this case, you will need to handle the transaction manually.

The same goes if the customer sends the wrong amount of money. You will need to decide what to do with the transaction and how to register it in the system.

In our experience, it is rare that the customers make errors, but it does happen.


Payson accounts are not currently working.

You can connect a Payson account to the online store. First you need get a Payson account for your organization and apply agent integration. Create your Payson account. Your organization must also be upgraded to a standard organization in Eutaxia Admin.

Screenshot of Payson agent integration information

Once your application has been approved, you will need to obtain Agent ID information and an MD5 key at Payson, as well as the email address you used for Payson account. You can see all the information if you log in to Payson and select "My Account" -> "Integration"

Screenshot of Add Payson Payment Broker

You then fill in this information under payment intermediaries in the administration tab for the organization when you select Payson. The email address must be the same as the one you use to log in to Payson.

The account number you need to fill in is the asset account where payments to Payson should be registered. Accounting series is the verificetion series to be used when payments via Payson are automatically registered. These can be changed later.

Payment simulator

To be able to test the payment flow, it is possible to set up a payment simulator in the online store. The simulator will only be available if you first log in to Eutaxia Admin before placing an order in the online store. Ordinary customers will not have possibility to use the simulator as a payment method. The simulator is also available for training organizations.

Screenshot of add payment simulator

Fill in the asset account and a series. The asset account is the account where the simulated payments will be registered. The accounting series is it verification series to be used when making automatic payment registrations. These can be changed later.


Under the tab "Store" you enter and change the products that you want to make available in the web store. You can also reach the web store page through a link at the top rihgt of the page. The store will open in a new tab. You can copy the and put it in web pages and emails that should point to the store.

It is also possible to use the system's products in a web shop that you develop yourself. Contact us for details.

Screenshot of part of the product view with description field

When you create a product, you give it a name. You can also add a description and a picture of the product, as well as administrative notes that are only visible in the administration interface.

Screenshot of part of the product view with options

You can add one or more options fields for the buyer to enter. An option may be mandatory, which means that the buyer must fill in the optional field to be able to buy the product.

Screenshot of part of the product view with accounting rules

You also decide the price of the product and how a purchase should be registered in different accounts. The price will be the sum of the accounting rules. The balancing asset account is automatically set to the corresponding payment intermediary.

You can also control whether the product should be hidden or available. As long as the "Published" check box is not filled in, the product will not be visible in web shop. It is also possible to fill in the start date and/or end date for when the product is to be displayed. It will then only be visible in the web shop if "Published" is filled in and the date is after start date and before end date.

You have the possibility of controlling availability of a product. If a number is set, the number of products is reduced by one for every purchase. When tit reaches zero, the product is no longer visible.

You can delete a product by selecting it from the list and then clicking on "Remove product", provided that no one has purchased the product. Products that someone has bought cannot be removed, you can however, make them invisible in the web shop by checking "Published".


Under the tab "Payments" you can see which payments have received through the various payment intermediaries. Plusgirot sends out information on payments received once a day, usually early in the morning the day after the payment is received in your account. Payson andStripe report within seconds of a payment made.

Screenshot of payment

A payment that exactly matches an order automatically generates a verification with transactions according to the registered rules for each product.

Under the "Payments" tab, you can review payments. If there are no errors, you can accept the verifications individually or in bulk.

If you receive an unmatched payment, it will be displayed in a different color and The "Accept" button will be inactive. You must then open the payment, by clicking on it, enter accounting information and click "Accept". The verification has to be balanced before you can accept it.


Under the orders tab, you will find all orders that have been placed via the web shop. You can filter them on paid and unpaid. Normally the unpaid orders are displayed.

By default, only the last 2 months of orders are displayed, but you can set the period you want displayed.

A summary line is displayed for each order. If you click on an order, all details about it are displayed.


Under the Invoices tab, you will be able to find the invoices you sent. See Invoicing and accounts receivable.

An invoice is a formal document, requiring someone to pay you in accordance with laws of contact and commerce. The order/payment system we have implementeted is a softer version, where orders are non-binding and delivery only happens after payment. This is a very common way of handling things in Swedish non profit societies.

Sales reports

Under the tab "Sales reports" you can take out lists of people who have ordered and paid for each product. The report generator works similar to that of Reports.


The web shop is the way in which members and/or customers state what they want to purchase. We have chosen to design the system so that all orders must be paid before delivery (at least from an accounting point of view, it's up to you to check that the order is actually paid). This is to simplify processing and reduce the administrative burden.

Screenshot of webshop

The web shop shows a list of products you can order, with option fields which can be specified. Orders are put in a shopping cart where the customer provides some details, before proceeding to the checkout.

Screenshot of webshop, mobile

The webshop is also adapted to work on mobile phones.

Screenshot of webshop order

When an order has been submitted in the web shop, an order confirmation along with payment information is immediately displayed to the user. An email with an order confirmation is sent to the submitted email address at the same time. It contains a link to the online order confirmation and payment information. Once payment has been received, the online order confirmation will display that the order has been paid.

Invoicing and accounts receivable

Many organizations need a formal billing routine in addition to that ordering routine that is in the system now. The invoicing module is very similar to the web shop, but is used by a system user rather than a customer of the organization. Invoices show up in the Invoice tab. If you entered an email address when creating the invoice, it will automatically be mailed to the recipient. Otherwise, you need to print and send the invoice in some other fashion.

Invoiced payments are processed in the same way as web orders payments.

We also offer the possibility to connect external systems to invoicing. It can be used for things like external booking systems and integration with existing web shops. See more under the tab "API".


Eutaxia Admin contains functionality for user printed tickets and for handling event checkins.


The store has support for generating tickets for sold products. This can be used e.g. at events where you want entrance tickets. The tickets are intended to be printed by the customer, and are provided with barcodes to facilitate the verification of the ticket.

Generate tickets

By selecting the generate tickets checkbox in the product, a ticket will be created for each product purchased. Each purchased product will generate a unique ticket, so if the customer buys two identical products, two unique tickets will be generated.

The ticket will only be available when the payment is registered, and the customer will receive an email with a link to the tickets. You can also access the tickets from the order confirmation, after the purchase has been paid.

The ticket printout will contain the name of the product, as well as any options filled in on the product. In addition, there is contact information about the selling organization and barcodes to verify the ticket.

Verify tickets

The barcodes on the ticket contain the information needed for to verify the validity of the ticket. It is enough to scan one the barcode, but the QR code provides the opportunity to verify that the ticket is genuine without checking against the system as it contains a digital signature.

The QR code is a URL that leads to the system verification page for the ticket in question. Anyone here can check that the ticket is valid, and that the options on the ticket match those registered in the system. It is also possible to print the ticket again.

To verify and mark tickets used, go to https://admin.eutaxia.eu/ticket/ and log in as a user of the organization that sold the tickets. Here you can then fill in the data either from the 1D barcode or from the QR code. About the check box "Mark scanned ticket as used" is checked, the ticket will directly to be marked as used. It is also possible to go directly to The URL contained in the QR code, check box to select the ticket used also applies in that case.

For a ticket that hsn't been used, or that was marked as used, ticket details will be displayed. There is also one here button to mark the ticket as used, or undo it marked as used. If the ticket was already marked as used is this information is hidden, but can be accessed with the button shown on same place.

Planned functions

When we have created Eutaxia Admin, we have focused on the areas where we can save most time for non-profit associations. We are proud of what we have achieved so far, but we have many more ideas on how we can make administrative chores even smoother.

Eutaxia Admin will grow as we create more features that facilitate accounting and administrative work.

Feel free to contact us with comments on what we should prioritize, or about it is something you think is missing from our list. We have limited resources and can only do one thing at a time.


With most accounting systems, you have to enter your payments twice - once in the internet bank and once when you post the payout. We intend to build a routine where you enter the information once and receive posting proposals based on historical payments.

This is currently in alpha testing.

Members expenses

Dealing with membership expenses is often difficult. It's a lot of paper and receipts to be kept track of. By letting members take photos or scan their receipts and then do their accounting online to simplify the flow, make automatic posting and handle certificates in a smooth way.

We have an implemented solution, but lack suitable authentication.

Annual report

Making an annual report is a rare job. It's hard to remember what information to put in where and all the details straight. With an annual report module, you get help with a large part of the work.

Improvements to the basic accounting system

We have a list of improvements we intend to make in the basic accounting system.

  • Advanced budget management. A number of tools to facilitate budget work. For example. possibility to budget with percentage surcharges on previous years' outcomes.
  • More and better reports.
  • VAT report. For organizations that report VAT, it saves work there is a built-in VAT report.
  • SIE4I-import. Allows you to import accounting information from external systems; for example salary system.

The web shop

We would like to make it easy to style the web shop.

Customer and user terms

Version 2.0 2021-08-28


Eutaxia AB (Provider) provides a service as described below. The counterpart (Customer) is the legal or natural person registered as holder of a registered organization within the service.

The service

The service, called Eutaxia Admin, is a service consisting of several different components for managing accounting and administration in smaller organizations. The service is primarily intended for non-profit associations.

The Service is provided by the Provider from servers rented from a third-party supplier, but operated by the Provider. The service is accessed via the internet and has a web based user interface.

Basic module

The basic module provides interfaces for accounting and generation of reports according to Swedish practice.

Self-service module

The self-service module allows the customer's administrator to define products. These are provided in an ordering interface on one website that the customer can link to. The customer's users can implement orders and enter information associated with the orders. When the order is completed, the user receives one account number to make the payment to, an OCR reference and an amount to pay.

Amounts paid in are collected by the Provider from one specified by the customer account number and matched against stored orders. Accounting information is automatically generated at exact matching. Possibility to generate lists of paid orders by different types are offered.

To connect an account to the self-service module, the customer is required has a Plusgiro account with mandatory OCR reference with check digit and length figure and that the customer has submitted a power of attorney for the Provider to retrieve payment information for the account.

Alternatively, the customer is required to have a Stripe account and register required account information in Eutaxia Admin.


The Providerr undertakes to store the customer's data on at least 2 services reflection between these. The servers must be in at least 2 places, of which at least one must be in Sweden (to comply with the Accounting Act requirements for storage of accounts).

Backup in the form of database dump is performed at least once a week.

The Provider uses mongodb's database engine built-in mirroring functionality, Linux operating system, third-party software under open licenses and proprietary software, mainly written in Python and Javascript.


The Provider will do its best to keep the service available 24 hours a day and will, to the best of its ability, protect the customer against data loss, data corruption and information leakage to an unauthorized party. In light of all the IT host's faults and shortcomings no guarantees are given for a successful result.


The Customer is only entitled to damages if the Provider has been seriously negligent in its duties to keep the service available and to protect customer data. Damages are limited to a maximum of the amount paid by the customer for the service for the past 3 years.


In the event of a dispute, the matter shall be dealt with at the Gothenburg District Court. Swedish law shall apply.

Access to the service

The person who has registered one has access to the service organization within the service, as well as persons who via a user interface within the service has been inaugurated to gain access to service and subsequently accepted the invitation.


The Internet standards OpenID and Oauth are used for login. People who should have access to the service log in with an account that is provided by third parties, e.g. Google or Facebook. Access, password protection and other login details are governed by the relationship between the person and the person organization that provides the OpenID/Oauth server.

Personal information

In order to make the service available, we need to collect some personal data. To create an account in the service, we collect names and email address, as well as the identity of the external login service you choose to use gives you. The information is used to secure your identity when logging in and communicating with you. Your name and email address are also used to present your identity for others who have access to the same organizations as you. By create an account in the service, you agree that we collect and process this personal data.

If you also want to create an organization to post in one Individual Company, or otherwise for your personal use, needs we also have social security number, postal address and telephone number. This because be able to invoice you for the service. Postal address and telephone number is also presented in your web shop and on your order confirmations and invoices if you choose to use these functions. By creating an organization for yourself, you agree that we collect and process its personal data.

We do not disclose any personal information to third parties.

The person responsible for personal data is Eutaxia AB, 559214-3282.

According to section 26 of the Personal Data Act (1998: 204), you have the right to free, one once per calendar year, after the written application has been submitted us, be informed of what personal data about you that we process and how we treat these. You also have the right according to §28 the Personal Data Act to request corrections in the personal data that we store about you.

Deletion of personal data

Such personal data that the Provider stores about Customer staff must, by law, be deleted at the person's request.

Request, with a copy of identification, or other documents showing authorization, should be sent to

Eutaxia AB
c/o Jacob Hallén
Götabergsgatan 22
411 34 Gothenburg

Personal data in customer data

The Customer is responsible for personal data stored by the Customer in the service. The service provided is covered by the Accounting Act and associated documents - including instructions from the Accounting Board (Bokföringsnämnden). This means that data, including personal data, may not be deleted before 7 years have passed since the end of the financial year. The Provider does not assist in the deletion of personal data, other than in the case of requirements from law enforcement authorities. The Customer can delete entire business years from the Provider's servers, if so desired.

The Provider's acces to customer data

The supplier and the supplier's staff do not normally access customer data.

For development, support and maintenance purposes the Provider's staff may come into contact with customer data. Staff is required not to use or disseminate such information.

The Provider may perform statistical processing of customer data in order to improve the service or to create new offers to the Customer. Real-time monitoring of use may also take place, to study system load and do optimization of resources.

Customer support

Correction of errors is included in the service. Error reporting takes place via email or through a web interface.

For usage help, an hourly fee is charged according to the published rate.

Service level

The supplier normally has staffing on weekdays from 9 am to 5 pm. Remedy of errors that are a direct obstacle to the customer's business begin immediately within staffing time and lasts until the error is rectified. Other errors registered in the Supplier's operating system and prioritized within the framework for other development work.


The service is paid in advance per calendar year according to the published rate. For some parts of the service, the price may vary according to consumption. In such cases, each quantity interval started shall be paid for as soon as commenced.

Payment is made against invoice with payment terms 15 days after invoice date. Invoices are normally delivered by email. Paper invoices are provided for a fee according to the published tariff.

In the event of non-payment, the Provider has the right to close the service. The supplier's responsibility for the customer's data and the availability of the service ceases when the sent invoice has fallen due for payment and payment has not received by the Provider.

Training organization

Training organizations are provided for people to try the software. They are free to register and use. The supplier takes no responsibility for stored data or availability. Training organizations are deleted 6 months after they have been created if they have not been converted into a paying organization before that.

A training organization may have some limitations in functionality compared to a paying organization.


The Provider has the right to transfer the service to a third party provided that the acquiring party takes over all of the Supplier's obligations under these Terms of Use.

A Customer has the right to transfer their ongoing subscription to another party after notifying the Provder in writing. If the transfer requires a manual effort on the part of the Provider, the company is entitled to hourly compensation according to the published rate.

Change of Terms of Use

The Provider has the right to change these Terms of Use. The customer should be notified by email at least 15 days before the amendment enters into force. If the customer does not accept the change, the Customer has the right to terminate the contract and recover a share of paid fees that correspond to the part of the service that has not yet been used.

Application programming interface

Eutaxia's API is currently in beta, and may change.

It is possible to integrate external software with Eutaxia Admin through our API.

The API user

To use Eutaxia's API, you must first create an API user. This is done from the Administration tab in Eutaxia Admin. Press the "Create API key" button. The key that created should then be used with each call, in the header Authorization


Authorization: Bearer 2d3a7a44-4be5-46fa-8efb-89ad0971cb82


Calls that only pick up items, without affecting them, must be made with HTTP method GET. Calls that affect records (create, change or take deleted) must be done using the HTTP method POST.

When items are created or changed, you also send a JSON structure that describes the new data in the record. The call should have Content-Type: application/json.

HTTP endpoints

The API is located under the URL https://admin.eutaxia.eu/api/1/.

The URL for the product list becomes https://admin.eutaxia.eu/api/1/product/list.

The result of a call is given in the form of a JSON object. If the caller succeeded, the answer will be under the name result in the object

{result: {"id": "53e894e531e10a1ea6000000"}}


The JSON data required for create and update, and returned by list and status contain/can contain the following fields:

name:Name of the product.
description:Product description.
 Hashmap with accounting account and price. The price is formatted as one string with decimal point and two decimals. Example: {'1000': '25 .00 ',' 2000 ':' 4.50 '} The product costs 29.50, of which SEK 25 must be booked accounting account 1000, and 4.50 shall be posted to accounting account 2000.
optionFields:A list of options the buyer can specify when purchasing. The list contains one element per option, and each element contains five parts separated by the ASCII character US (unit separator). The parts are: name, description, type, cursor for if the option is mandatory and type parameters. All parts except name and type should be left blank, and type should be "text".
price:Total price for the product, including any VAT.
vatAccount:VAT account.

Example of JSON structure submitted at create

{name: "Club shirt",
 description: "A very nice shirt with the club's logo on the back. White.",
 accountingRules: {"1000": "150.00"},
 optionFields: ["Size \\ u001f \\ u001ftext \\ u001f \\ u001f"]

GET product/list

Responds with a list of products defined in the organization. The list contains the following fields: name, price, vatAccount

GET product/status/:id

Responds with information about specific product. The data contains the following fields: name, description, price, vatAccount, accountingRules

POST product/create

Creates a new product. Requires JSON data. Responds with ID on created product.

Required fields: name, accountingRules

Other fields: description, vatAccount

POST product/update/:id

Changes existing product. Requires JSON data. Responds with ID on changed product.

Fields that may be updated: name, accountingRules, description, vatAccount

POST product/delete/:id

Removes existing product. Responds with ID of removed product.


The JSON data required for create and returned by list and status contain/can contain the following fields:


Name of payee.


Payee's address.


Payee's telephone number.


Payees's e-mail address. If this is specified, an e-mail will be sent with the invoice to this address.


A list of products the invoice refers to. The product must be defined with it's ID. Two more parameters can be sent if so desired: quantity specifies how many of the product you buy, and options contain the values ​​of the optionFields the product has. Order and number must be correct agree with those in the product.

If quantity is omitted, it is assumed by the system to be 1, and if options are left blank.


[{"id": "53e89ace31e10a2f45000000"},
 {"id": "53e89acf31e10a2f45000001", "quantity": 3},
 {"id": "53e89acf31e10a2f45000002", "options": ["XL"]}]

Buyer's own notes. Should be limited to a few lines.


Buyer's reference. Should be a short string without line breaks.


Invoice date. This is indicated in the form of a UNIX Timestamp. If this is not stated, the invoice date is set to today's date.


Due date. This is indicated in the form of a UNIX Timestamp. If this is not stated, the due date is set at 30 days in advance.


A free text field that is included on the invoice after the invoice entries. Can contain anything and has no size limit.

The following fields can not be set, only read after the invoice is created:

ocr:OCR number.
paymentState:Payment status. Can be one of: paid, unpaid, partial. partial means that part of the total cost of the invoice has been paid.

GET invoice/list

Lists information about invoices. If nothing is specified, all invoices are listed in the system. Alternatively, information or specific invoices can be requested by providing the query parameter id one or more times. The data contains the following fields: invoiceUrl, ocr, paymentState

GET invoice/status/:id

Responds with information about specific invoice. The data contains the following fields: invoiceUrl, ocr, paymentState

This is equivalent to calling invoice/list?Id=:id

POST invoice/create

Creates a new invoice. Requires JSON data. Responds with ID on created invoice.

Required fields: buyerName, buyerAddress, buyerEmail, items

Other fields: buyerPhone

POST invoice/credit/:id

Creates a credit invoice for invoice or paid order with given ID.

Unfortunately, we only have instruction videos in Swedish, and only for a few topics. We are posting new videos as they are completed.

Please see the documentation tab for instructions on other subjects.

Working browsers


Add organization

What is your time worth?

Do you want to save time? Do you want to make it easier to recruit a new treasurer for your association?

In an associations with normal activity, it quickly becomes so much administrative work that it becomes difficult to be treasurer. An important reason is that you have a large amount of payments to handle. It can be

  • Membership fees
  • Course fees
  • Licenses
  • Competition registration
  • Camp fees
  • Rent for lockers, mooring, etc
  • Registration for parties and other events
  • Key fees
  • Sales of promotional products

just to name a few examples. You have to keep track of who has paid, how much and for what. The whole thing should be booked nicely and neat. Sometimes you also have to keep track of who does not have paid.

Eutaxia Admin is designed to automate as much as possible of the payment feed.

You can save more than 90% of the time you spend on processing payments!

How does it happen?

Eutaxia Admin is a complete accounting system with an add-on module for automation of payments.

We provide a self-service module where your association can add up all the different things one should be able to pay for. You will receive a web address which your members and other payers should go to before they do their payments.

On the website, they state what they want to pay for. You can for each product specify information fields to be filled in. It can e.g. be social security number for a membership or size for a shirt order.

When the payer finishes his/her order, he/she receives an order confirmation showing what has been ordered, and how much is to be paid.

The payer then uses one of the payment options that you association offers. It can either be card payment or direct payment from internet banking via Payson or payment to a Plusgiro account for OCR payments. You can offer both the payment routes if you wish.

For Payson payment, the money is deposited directly into your Payson account and the payment is registered simultaneously in Eutaxia Admin.

For Plusgiro payment, the payer goes to his internet bank or corresponding and pays the amount into your Plusgiro account. The OCR number is the only reference needed on the payment. We pick up one every day file from Plusgirot with payments to the account.

In both cases, we match the payments against the orders that are made and create accounting items according to the simple rules that you set up when you created the products as one payers can order.

All you have to do is look through the matched payments and approve them.

You can take out lists of what has been ordered and at any time paid for. For example, you can produce a current member list when needed.

Other benefits

Eutaxia Admin is a web-based service. This means that

  • you do not need to install any software. You can run the service from your browser.
  • you can handle accounting and administration from different locations. All you need is a computer with internet connection.
  • you do not have to bother with backups. We take care of that.
  • you can share tasks. Several people can run the system at the same time. It is even possible to have several people entering records in the same series at the same time.
  • you can provide other board members, auditors and other people who need transparency an opportunity to log in and take out current reports from the system. You don't need to spend your time on providing them with information.

The name Eutaxia

Eutaxia (Εὐταξία) is an ancient Greek personification of Good Order. We think that it is appropriate for an accounting system.

Our price list is simple. You pay a low price for the accounting module and you pay in proportion to how many payments you receive for the self-service module. To test Eutaxia Admin or to practice accounting you can have as many free practice organizations as you want.

Standard Organization - Basic Accounting

SEK 200 incl. VAT/calendar year

You get access to the accounting software for manual accounting and report management. You can also use the self-service module, but you don't get automatic matching of payments.

The self-service module

How much the self-service module costs depends on how many payments via PlusGirot or Payson we handle for you per calendar year.

Number of payments Price incl. VAT
0-100 200
101-500 400
501-1000 800
1001-5000 1600
5001-10000 3200

For more than 10,000 payments per year, request a quote.

When you join the service, you get an invoice for the lowest the interval. Then we measure monthly how many payments you have received. If you have passed one or more interval limits, you will receive an invoice for the difference.

In addition to our fees for the self-service module, there are fees that Nordea charges for additional services. There is an annual fee of SEK 450 for an OCR account and for downloading files using the Total IN Bas service. In addition, there is a fee of SEK 1:50 per payment. These fees are paid directly to Nordea.

Training organization

You can for free have as many training organizations as you want.

A training organization has all the functionality as a regular organization has, except:

  • You can not automatically link payments to your account
  • The account is automatically deleted after 6 months

You can convert it to a regular account any time, unless it already has been deleted.

How to order

Go to http://admin.eutaxia.eu/. Sign in. Click Create New organization in the menu on the left.

Fill in information about the organization - Address, telephone, email. Check that it is correct and submit. Your organization is now a Training Organization. You can upgrade it to a default organization by selecting Upgrade under Organization level.

After upgrading to Standard Organization, you can fill in an account number for a Plusgiro account where we automatically download payment information. Once you have filled it in, you have ordered the service Self-service module. You will receive an agreement from Nordea for registration of a special Plusgiro account that only takes OCR payments with 2 check digits, as well as agreements that give Eutaxia AB permission to electronically download payment information for this the account from Plusgirot. Once you have signed and submitted the agreements to Nordea, the service is activated.

Payment terms

All services are invoiced in advance.

Our invoices must be paid within 15 days from the invoice date. We reserves the right to suspend access to organizations where payment is overdue. We reserve the right to delete organizations where an invoice is more than 90 days overdue.

Included in all subscriptions

A service subscription includes accounting and administrative systems for one or more accounting years for an organization.

You can have as many users as you want in an organization and there are no limit on how many may be logged in to the system at the same time.


Postal address
Eutaxia AB
c/o Jacob Hallén
Götabergsgatan 22
411 34 Gothenburg

031 - 749 08 80
do not spam

The company

Eutaxia Admin is developed by Eutaxia AB, a small company in Gothenburg. The company is owned by the original designers and developers of the Eutaxia products.

People in the company are:

Jacob Hallén Management, sales, system design
Anders Hammarquist Technical Manager, webmaster, development
Laura Creighton Test, Marketing
Ulrika Sjöström Economics

Letter from Jacob Hallén


my name is Jacob Hallén and I love kayaking on the sea. On a of the vignette pictures, you see me and my partner, Laura Creghton, on one wonderful paddle trip in Sleneset outside Mo i Rana in Norway.

After managing the accounts in Näsets Paddlarklubb for 10 years I've had enough of handing in hundreds by hand every year payments for membership fees, kayak rentals, course fees, key deposits and everything else that members and others do. It took a lot of time from paddling and was murderously boring. In addition, do people are wrong sometimes, and then it takes even longer to correct.

There were no systems adapted to the needs of a non-profit association, so I decided to build one that automates as much as possible of payments and registers. When I consulted with friends and acquaintances it turned out that I was not alone in spending a lot of time on paperwork in my association. Everyone complained about the time required, or how difficult it was to recruit treasurers for the Association.

That is why Eutaxia Admin is now available as a web-based service. It already saves a lot of time for ourselves and our customers, but my goals are higher than that. There are a lot of things that can improved in association administration. Payments, handling of expenses, booking systems and much more. We will develop modules to simplify each routine so that association members can spend their time on meaningful things.

Gothenburg September 2013

Jacob Hallén

2021-08-28 Updated terms

We have updated our customer terms with clarifications on how we handles customer data and information on how to get personal data deleted.

2021-08-15 New supplier

Eutaxia AB has taken over as supplier of the service. Jacob Hallén and Anders Hammarquist, both of whom have worked on system development, are owners of the company and operate the service.

The store has support for generating tickets for sold products. This can be used e.g. at events where you want entrance tickets. The tickets are intended to be printed by the customer, and are provided with barcodes to facilitate the verification of the ticket.

Generate tickets

By selecting the generate tickets checkbox in the product, a ticket will be created for each product purchased. Each purchased product will generate a unique ticket, so if the customer buys two identical products, two unique tickets will be generated.

The ticket will only be available when the payment is registered, and the customer will receive an email with a link to the tickets. You can also access the tickets from the order confirmation, after the purchase has been paid.

The ticket printout will contain the name of the product, as well as any options filled in on the product. In addition, there is contact information about the selling organization and barcodes to verify the ticket.

Verify tickets

The barcodes on the ticket contain the information needed for to verify the validity of the ticket. It is enough to scan one the barcode, but the QR code provides the opportunity to verify that the ticket is genuine without checking against the system as it contains a digital signature.

The QR code is a URL that leads to the system verification page for the ticket in question. Anyone here can check that the ticket is valid, and that the options on the ticket match those registered in the system. It is also possible to print the ticket again.

To verify and mark tickets used, go to https://admin.eutaxia.eu/ticket/ and log in as a user of the organization that sold the tickets. Here you can then fill in the data either from the 1D barcode or from the QR code. About the check box "Mark scanned ticket as used" is checked, the ticket will directly to be marked as used. It is also possible to go directly to The URL contained in the QR code, check box to select the ticket used also applies in that case.

For a ticket that hsn't been used, or that was marked as used, ticket details will be displayed. There is also one here button to mark the ticket as used, or undo it marked as used. If the ticket was already marked as used is this information is hidden, but can be accessed with the button shown on same place.